"I love helping players improve. This is my passion"

Jake Rauchbach





MindRight Pro is the new frontier in Basketball.

-SB Nation

The missing link for so many has been found.

-Fox Sports

Jake has unique skills that elevate the overall achievement of a team.

-Hall of Fame Head Coach, Fran Dunphy

MindRight Pro helped me make an NBA team.

-Damion Lee, Golden State Warriors

MindRight Pro is the next step in performance technology.

- BasketballInsiders


Jake's Story

After suffering a traumatic injury as a young child and experiencing the depression, PTSD, and chronic physical challenges that followed, Jake was forced to reach outside of the box for an effective and repeatable way that gave him relief. As a teenager, he researched, applied, and implemented psychology, sports psychology mindfulness, mental training, and other holistic methods.

Drawing upon the most powerful aspects from each modality, Jake discovered a multi-layered process to enable him to feel better. The breakthroughs in his healing journey weren’t just confined to his personal life but also extended to basketball performance.

As he began to train his mind and unpack the trauma he had experienced, Jake’s confidence, focus, and overall basketball performance began to improve on the court.

After his playing career, Jake earned two master’s degrees, received numerous high-performance certifications, and founded the MindRight Pro® Coaching Program intending to help other players improve their performance.

MindRight Pro® has now helped some of the best basketball players on the planet fortify mindset, SuperCharge performance, and take their career to the next level.

Throughout this process, Jake has acted as a go-to consultant for NBA, Olympic, EuroLeague, High-Major College, and High-School All-American players, and also consults directly for professional and college teams and head coaches.

Jake’s work has helped athletes of all sports including Olympians, NFL players, UFC fighters, and College All-American lacrosse and soccer players.

MindRight Pro® is the Leading-Edge of High-Performance Mindfulness training and has been proven repeatedly to help players at the highest-levels of basketball statistically improve their games.

Recognized as an authority on both mindset and high-performance, Jake’s On-line Training Course provides players, coaches, parents, and teams the blueprint for unlocking mindset and an athlete’s true potential.

SB Nation calls Jake’s program “The next frontier in basketball.” Fox Sports says “The missing link for so many has been found.” Hall of Fame Temple Head Coach Fran Dunphy says, “Jake has unique skills that elevate the overall achievement of a team.” Golden State Warrior Damion Lee says, “MindRight Pro® helped me make an NBA team.”

In Europe. Will Cummings, Oldenburg Basketball Club’s leading scorer, and All-Star proclaimed, “Jake helped prepare me to play Pro basketball.” Israeli SuperLeague veteran Tal Dunne, “This is the first time in my career that I don’t get nervous at the foul line.” The 2009 NBA three-point champion, and NBA Veteran Daequan Cook said, “What you have done as a coach, as somebody that helped me, was you were consistent; that really really helped me.”

The sky is the limit

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