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Temple Hall of Fame Head Coach, Fran Dunphy

"I believe Jake can benefit any professional or collegiate athlete that wants to improve. He has unique skills that elevate the overall achievement of a team or player. I think Jake can give a team or a player a competitive advantage."

NBA Veteran & Three-Point Champion, Daequan Cook

"What really pushed me was the consistency that you had."

Will Cummings, D-League All-Star & EuroCup Champion

"Working with Jake really prepared me to play pro basketball. It really helped me feel like I can lead any team that I am put on and raise my game and perform at a high level at all times."

Khalif Wyatt, Champions League

"It seemed like I'd always go back in, make the right adjustment and play better."

Tal Dunne, Europe Cup

"That's when I felt the change, that was the biggest break-thru of all the work that we dedicated. It was hours and hours, and summarized in two shots."

Talib Zanna, Europe Cup

"For me grounding, it helps me lock in."

Drexel Head Coach Bruiser Flint

"(Jake) really helped the kid get over his hurdles. He had one of the most productive seasons of his career."

Raviv Pitshon, Europe Cup

"The program..helped me to focus about the important things; To be more professional."

Jesse Morgan - Temple University

"Working with Jake allowed me to have the best season of my college career, I really think this program helped me tremendously."

Dr. Milo Sewards Head Surgeon Temple Athletics

"Jake’s Program is on the leading edge of sports performance technology.”

"Jake helped my performance and helped keep my mind fresh which is ultimately most important."

Miles-Chamley Watson
Olympian & World Champion

"MindRight Pro® helped me make an NBA team."

Damion Lee
Golden State Warriors

"Jake Rauchbach's ability to help the student athlete improve focus, decrease mental blocks, and gain self confidence is deeply rooted in his own personal experiences as a Division One Student Athlete. Jake was able to create and implement an individualized mental peak performance program for each of our players that had a very positive impact. I would recommend Jake's program to all coaches and players looking to gain that edge. "

Dagan Nelson
Head Men's Basketball Coach New York University

"Through this process my ball-handling increased tremendously, defensive intensity late-game, steals late-game, late-game finishes, that's something I never did. Leadership, leading my guys in overtime. Being able to take coaches yelling at me and keep playing my game; Keep it moving."

Shizz Alston Jr.
Temple University Men's Basketball

"I feel that Jake may have been one of the biggest reasons I was able to come out and produce the way I did all season long. He was a big reason why I had the best season of my college career!"

Chris Fouch
Drexel University Men's Basketball, 5th All-Time Leading Scorer

"It improved my focus by clearing my mind and allowing me to block out anything that was going on. I would recommend this program to others as I believe it can help them as it did for me."

Kazembe Abif
Champions League - Karhu Basketball Club

"This year in Germany was much tougher than my rookie year; You helped me navigate through it."

Tony Hicks
Germany Pro-A, Rostock Seawolves

"This helped turn my season around."

Division-1 Basketball Player
5th Year Senior

"Shout out to Jake, the one biggest difference maker in young Ray’s progression."

Division-1 Commit

"At this level everybody can jump and is athletic but the mental side separates players; (Jake) worked with me and it really helped my focus on the court, my free throw percentages went up. I didn't know what to expect but after doing it I could really tell it helped me stay engaged on the court. Block out negative things like people yelling at you and allows you to have tunnel vision."

Quenton DeCosey
Italy Pro-A, Treviso

"Before starting the program I had the sensation of guarding in my knee, but after the program it was no longer there. I felt like I can move as quick as I want; It gave me a lot of courage."

Daniel Dingle
G-League, Maine Red Claws

Free Access to Jake's "Three Slump Busters": 

Join the Pro's and subscribe! Get 1-new strategy every week on how to be more confident, focused and effective on the court.


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